Houston Smoke-Shop & Quick-Detox


Bomdiggidy Glass Gallery – Houston, TX Smoke Shop is Houston’s top-rated place to get your high end glass, local art work and everyday smoking supplies.

Whether you enjoy glass-blowing and want to experience our beautiful curated collection or just want to be in-and-out, visit our shop located in the Heights neighborhood in Houston, Texas. 2155 Durham drive #103 Houston, Texas located right off of I-10.

We carry a huge selection of THE BEST BRANDS of papers, rolling-trays, herbal wraps, vaporizers, e-Cigs, and Incense!

Have a deadline for yourself where you’re trying to be measurably clean?  Don’t stress!  We carry Detox drinks, Detox capsules, and Detox shampoos in-store so that you can be clean as quickly as you need!

Some of our favorite and most popular products and brands include, but are not limited to (by product-type):

  • Rolling Papers:
    • RAW
    • Zig-Zag
    • Element
    • Skunk Brand
    • Pure Hemp
    • Shine
  • Rolling Trays:
    • RAW
    • Element
    • Misc.
  • Herbal Wraps:
    • High-Hemp
    • Kush
  • Vaporizers:
    • Puffco
    • GPen
    • PAX
    • Yocan
    • Dr. Dabber
    • Dip Devices
  • Incense:
    • Nag Champa
    • Wildberry

You can visit our shop when you want to have your smoke-shop supplies when you need them or order them online from our website and we’ll ship them to your doorstep!