Billionaire Hemp Wraps Sweet Stacks


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Billionaire Hemp Wraps Sweet Stacks

Each pouch contains 2 extremely fresh hemp wraps that will roll perfectly with your legal choice of herbs.

Blunt wraps are the most popular wrap material, but these wraps commonly contain nicotine. Some users may empty out tobacco-filled wraps from brands such as Swishers and Dutch Masters to add their own herbal blend. If you’re not a fan of rice or flax rolling papers used to roll a joint, you may enjoy hemp wraps for a thicker smoke and overall different experience.

Billionaire Hemp Wraps Sweet Stacks have been the “Fruit of the Gods” and with our Majestic Grape Billionaire Hemp Wraps, you will sure feel like royalty with each puff of that divine grape flavor.  Puff away, your highness!

Hemp wraps are essentially blunt wraps without the tobacco or nicotine. If you’re looking for a nicotine kick, hemp wraps won’t do it for you. Both types of blunt wraps can come in a variety of sizes, prices, and flavors. Blunt and hemp wraps often feature similar sweet flavors to enhance your smoking experience. In terms of handling, both types of wraps can be used similarly when rolling and smoking marijuana.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are touted as being healthier than blunt wraps, which is true to an extent. Hemp wrap brands typically take on an organic approach. That means they’ll use 100 percent organic hemp without the need for questionable fertilizers, pesticides, and growth stimulants. Additionally, most hemp wraps likely won’t contain toxic adhesives found in blunt wraps that help keep the wrap closed and your buds secure. These harmful chemicals can contribute to the taste, burn rate, and negative health effects.