Cosmic Pink 510 Battery 650mah

Dip Devices brings their internationally recognized reliability and quality to the classic 510 battery. An affordable and sleek option for any of your cartridges

This battery is 650 mAh, has three power options, and charges with a microUSB cord (not included)

We’re built on the belief that devices can –
and should – be better.
Better technology.
Better versatility.
Better for the world around us.


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Cosmic Pink 510 Battery by Dip Devices.

The Cosmic Pink 510 Battery by Dip Devices is a 510 battery with multiple settings. Just screw in your 510 threaded top or cartridge and go!

  • 510 Thread
  • 650mah
  • Light Weight
  • 3 different temp settings
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • A small percentage of this sale is donated to Breast Cancer Support and Drug Policy Reform

Dip Devices

Dip Devices launched in 2014 with a goal to innovate the vaporizer game. They are the originators of direct-to-concentrate technology. Basically, their vision is to create devices that adapts to your lifestyle. Based out of Denver, Colorado and product design in Houston, Texas. A small team of entrepreneurs and designers committed to listening and responding to the changing needs of the market. Basically, they are changing the way concentrates are consumed.


These products are really versatile. Therefore, their products adapt to you. Led by smart, creative, and innovative engineering that allows you to smoke how, when, and where you want. All designs feature their patented airflow technology. Meanwhile, eliminating the need for inconvenient butane torches. Adjustable power settings elevate your experience with pure flavors and more clouds.

Social Impact

Part of their promise as a company is to advocate for social change, one device at a time. Thus, The Dip Devices team are actively involved in changing the conversation around cannabis by supporting advocacy organizations. This includes support for Students for Sensible Drug Policy and their President serving as a board member for MPP, for instance.

Their activism goes beyond their industry. A portion of all sales are donated to organizations making a positive impact on the world. They continue to launch new devices and color options that support a range of causes. Like, LGBTQIA+ and rights to environmental conservation. As a result, they have been able to bring awareness and financial contributions to many different organizations all over the country.