Avocado Puffco Peak Attachment

Custom Avocado puffco peak attachment by Empire Glassworks

Puffco sold separately


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Avocado Puffco Peak Attachment by Empire glass.

The Puffco Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology. For the beginner, it’s the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you’re looking for.

Avocado Puffco Peak Attachment


Bluetooth App Capability

The Peak Pro app experience

provides a new level of control

over each aspect of your device.

Wireless Charging

Always return to a fully charged

Peak with the Power Dock

wireless charger.


Real-time Temp. Control

No matter how much you load

or how hard you inhale

the experience stays the same.

Always Dialed

The Puffco Peak Pro chamber is the engine for the entire device. A unique sensor embedded inside of the chamber communicates with your Puffco Peak Pro, keeping your temperature right where it needs to be. It doesn’t matter how much you oil you put in or how hard you hit it. The result is one of the most consistent and controlled dab experience one can have.

A New Perspective

The new Oculus Carb Cap provides a window into your dab experience, making the magic of melting concentrates clearly visible. The press-fit connections locks into the chamber, keeping your oil and your carb cap where they belong. We also incorporated a directional air-path into the design that maximizes vapor production.

High Capacity

A completely redesigned a new chamber to improve reliability and increase performance. The chamber is 40% larger to accommodate more oil.  This allows you to take larger dabs with ease.


The App unlocks a new world of capabilities within your Peak Pro, providing an unparalleled level of control.

  •  Create and save dozens of custom heat profiles
  •  Customize temperature, time, and LED color
  • Customize Boost Mode