Alchemy Jar Purple


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Alchemy Jar Purple

Alchemy Jar Purple prevents terpene degradation. They are the world’s first and only vacuum insulated jar designed specifically to protect and preserve flower and concentrates. Alchemy Jars is the world’s first and only jar specifically designed to protect and preserve terpenes and essential organic compounds. Using Terp Insulation Technology, to prolong the life of your organic goods. Protecting them from harmful light, heat, condensation and air exposure. It’s a great product.

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Stainless steel provides durability while preserving potency by protecting contents from harmful light exposure. Our silicone gasket provides a guaranteed airtight seal. So, every time to preserve vital terpenes and protect against oxidization. Borosilicate glass provides the ideal natural contact surface for your contents to maintain full flavor. Silicone grip holds the glass insert firmly in place. Also allowing for other glass and plastic jars to be stored inside for protection. Vacuum Insulation protects your contents from heat exposure therefore, preserving them in a cool environment.

These jars are quickly growing in popularity among consumers as they are tried and true. Coming in a variety of color options. Do not be surprised to see brands using the Alchemy jars in the very near future.