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fully worked multi disk upline by Eusheen

Artist: Eusheen
– Intricate inlays throughout
– Diffused upline
– Huge fillacello disc
– Alien tech horns
– Horn carb
– Over 2-1/2 feet tall
– Stand included
– Size 9X2X5.5
– Made in U.S.A.


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~ “Eusheen” presents one of his signature styles with this large disk upline. The expertise of craftsmanship in this vessel is nothing short of masterful. Hollow horns and intricately patterned inlays cover the piece. Eusheen’s use of symmetry is almost mechanical in this two foot tall monstrosity of a smoking tool.
A “EUSH” signature murrini marble on the back finishes this piece nicely. A custom worked steel stand is included.