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Marble Run Rig Colab by Darby and Bandu

Artist: Darby and Bandu
– Marble run
– Natural perk
– titanium swing arm
– accents of sculpted people on tracks
– Marble tracks running through donut
– Marble catch at end of track
– Dish set is included
– Size 23X11X7.5
– Made in U.S.A.


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~ Kinetic sculpture meets smokeware in this epic artistic masterpiece from national artists “Bandhu” and “Darby”… Featuring a marble run with twists and turns housed in a finely crafted glass housing, this 14mm oil piece is not your ordinary waterpipe. Three marbles can be released at the top and allowed to race down the tracks and through the negative spaces of the piece itself. Accented by small human forms working on the track, this piece will provide hours of enjoyment aside from it’s secondary function. Comes complete with titanium swing arm, dish, dabber, and three marbles to send down the coaster.