JBD Keiki – Red skull

Keiki by Jerome Baker Designs

Keiki (USA) “Keiki” is the Hawaiian word for little one. But don’t let the size of this compact little chugger fool you! The perfect luxury-quality daily smoker or first addition for aspiring collectors. This simple classic JBD Uni-Bubble tube is fumed with either silver, or gold, and stamped with an Official “JBD”.


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JBD Keiki – Red skull by Jerome Baker Designs. Basically, The Mothership is a true stand out piece that will add style to any glass collection. The bong is easy to use and clean and will last a lifetime if maintained correctly. The piece is ideal for large rips at home and is big enough to share with friends at a party. Check it out!

Don’t miss out on this elegant and highly collectable bong. Order your Mothership Glass Bubble Base Bong by Jerome Baker today.

Legendary glass artist, Jerome Baker, got his start in 1991 learning from the master, Bob Snodgrass, himself. Learning the craft of pipe making was his calling. He then traveled across the globe visiting German and Italy to visit and learn from the historical glass blowing origins.

Afterwards, returning home to the United States, he returned to study at Pilchuk under RAM, making nonfunctional glass.

He would soon have a life changing experience. He began touring with The Grateful Dead building the foundation for what would become, Jerome Baker Designs. Incorporating fuming into his work, he created his own style of water pipe. In 2003, he became a one of the biggest victims of Operation Pipe Dream. His company and brand were dismantled overnight by the federal government.

JBD revitalized itself in Hawaii by creating glass epic pool tables and tabletops.

Meanwhile, the brand established itself as a household name.

Since then, Jason (Jerome Baker), has created some of the world’s most iconic pieces. The world’s largest bong, countless celebrity owned pieces, and even has The Las Vegas Dream Factory. The Dream Factory serves as a base of operations for the Jerome Baker Designs brand, an art studio, and an event space for his friends.

The accomplishments Jerome Baker has achieved pentacles that very few get to experience.